Student Improvement Awards

This award publicly recognizes middle and high school students in Guilford County. Each recipient has demonstrated improvement in one or all academic, social, and personal areas of his or her life. These students have taken an active role in overcoming their hardships, and must act as role models for other students going through similar challenges.

Monthly winners are automatically eligible for the Student of the Year Award. Monthly winners are eligible to participate in a luncheon at the Starmount Country Club.

There are three rules for nominating a student for this award:
Nominee must be a resident of Guilford County
Nominee must be of middle or high school age
Nominee must be an active student.

Who can be a nominator?
Nominators include those people who have regular contact with the student and have observed the student’s improvement(s). Nominators may include school officials, coaches, counselors, therapists, volunteers, etc.

To submit nominations or for more information contact

Michelle Gill-Moffett
Greensboro Parks and Recreation
City of Greensboro
Phone: 336-373-4558
Fax: 336-373-4541

501 Yanceyville Street
Greensboro, NC 27405